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Shyama loves creating new, thoughtful work. Her style often has organic themes, aesthetic balance, extreme attention to detail, and utilizes Indian-inspired processes.


December 2022

Performer / Choreographer

Journeys is a dance-play about finding home. Based off of diary entries made by Shyama's mother, the choreography tells the story of the various emotions that her mother faced as she journeyed from India to the United States. Excitement as she packed her possessions and flew to a new country, loneliness in the new city, and new peace as she settled into a new rhythm. 

Featuring: Gautham Umasankar (violin) Maanasa Nandigam (Vocal) Roshan Pallakal (Mridungam) 


December 2021

Composer / Choreographer

“The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change: Yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.” – Paulo Coelho

Featuring: Padmapriya Viswakumar


October 2021

Director / Choreographer

Combining the ornamented asymmetry of the French Rococo style with contemporary Indian dance. 

Featuring: Kavya Koneru

The Bhava Cycle

April 2021

Writer / Director 


This song cycle combines research into ancient Indian aesthetics (Bhava-Rasa Theory) and musical modes (Carnatic Ragas) with contemporary musical theatre and are built with the intention of inciting emotional response in the audience member.

Featuring: Miller Jay Kraps, Piper Keusch, Averi Allison, Shyama Iyer

Studio B - 255 of 650.jpg

Shringara: An Indian Music Theatre Retelling of Love

April 2019

Writer / Director 


From the monsoons of ancient India to the winter chills of modern America, the story of love, or Shringara, inhabits the lives of three passionate women. Reminisce with them as they evoke their love through language, music, and dance and let your heart experience emotion like never before.


February 2020

Co-Director & Co-Choreographer (style: Bharathanatyam)


The greatest of Indian epics, telling the story of valor, loyalty, and love. Created for the dancers of Guru Vandana Arts Academy in Louisville, KY 


The First Breath

March 2018

Co-Writer / Co-Director / Choreographer (style: Indian Contemporary)

A call to arms that combines battle-oriented literature from various cultures and time periods through spoken word and dance 

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